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Exploring Washington: Independence and North Lakes

Another backpacking weekend in the middle of the glorious Washington summer. Also true of Washington summers: unpredictable weather. We started hiking up to Independence Lake on a weekday, and were met with fog, mist, rain, sprinkling, you name it. We camped on the north side of Independence Lake and hurriedly set up our tent amidst a random rain spurt. Next day, hoping for some sunshine.. met with more rain, spending half the day in our tent. On our last day, as we headed out, we were met with a short bit of sunshine… which was quickly covered by the fog… and as we hiked out and headed into the car (and were met with crowds of people heading in!), found some sunshine on the drive out.

Ah, well. We all know overcast lighting is the best lighting anyways 😉 so as a photographer, I was happy!


Stacky - Oh my goodness these pictures are gorgeous. I need to come visit you in WA!!!! <3 you!

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