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Exploring Washington: Boardman Lake Overnighter

Who doesn’t love hiking with their dog? Not us, that’s for sure. (Double negative, boom!)

Boardman Lake is a pretty hike for a short distance (2.0 mile round-trip) — people hike with this chairs, coolers, kids, you name it. Great for summer days, since you can swim in the lake (albeit being a little cold in my opinion, though my boyfriend thought it was perfectly fine). This means that it is going to be a little busy– but if you hike around the lake a little more, you can usually find a more secluded spot to camp. We attempted to make it to Island Lake (another short hike, but you will be bush-whacking! The “trail” is a “fisherman’s trail”) TWICE this summer, but failed both times. It turns out that I am not a bush whacking kind of gal. Either way, it is very pretty, and a great introductory hike if you’re starting to explore.

Google “Boardman Lake” for WTA’s information guide (should be the first link).


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