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Exploring Washington: West Japanese Gulch Trail, Tails and Trails Dog Park, Mukilteo

An interesting trail to find.. one random summer afternoon, I decided I wanted to hike. Much to my delight, the head of it is actually at a dog park! So before you start, you can entertain yourself by watching puppies lope around before starting. Note: I may or may not be a “crazy dog lady” so this may or may not be entertaining or even worthwhile to mention for others. Shame to my apartment for not allowing pets! Just kidding, my apartment is great, please don’t kick me out~

Be forewarned: THERE IS NO DESIGNATED TRAIL. There are several sections that branch off into 2-3-4 different directions, and you have to just choose one and hope your GPS is working so you can find your way home. I inadvertently ended up following someone through the trails for a little while before she turned around and headed back, distraught at there being no actual¬†set¬†trail. As I went along, I found that this trail also runs alongside a few neighborhoods (much to my Californian surprise – trees, wilderness and forest right next to housing tracks??) so if you really do get lost… it wouldn’t be too bad (or so I imagine). You still get cellphone reception here (or at least I did, with AT&T – unintentional product placement). Also, if you really, really don’t like spider/cob webs… this may not be the trail for you. I’m sure I was nothing short of a spectacle: walking around, occasionally flailing my arms as I walked through some particularly closely placed branches or bushes. (It never fails though, the moment I don’t flail my arms is the moment I run through some cobwebs).

I must have wandered around for a good four (4) miles.. actually, my Nike+ run app read out “four miles completed!” as I was a few feet away from the parking lot. I admittedly didn’t turn on the app quite at the beginning – hindsight 15/20 – so who knows what my actual distance was. Ah, well. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful hike.

I have to admit, this montage was more of a new feature I learned on Photoshop CS6 – but I thought it was more interesting than 8 single images. Washington has some beautiful colors! (and by that, I mean anything other than that California mostly-brown-with-some-rare-green).


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