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Jamie, graduation senior photography, Orange County, California

First post from Washington, woohoo!

Say hello to my little friend! Also known as Jamie Austin, my co-shooter (when in California.. she unfortunately stays in California). She is also a graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography. When she asked me to take some graduation photos of her, I was so honored and happy to be able to capture these photos for her – when another photographer asks you to take their pictures, it’s usually pretty serious business, right? 😉 We know what we like!

For Jamie’s graduation photos, we wanted a few “traditional” shots in cap and gown… then we set off on a fun adventure with a twin-lens reflex camera, a cute little suitcase and a pretty lace dress.

Here are a few favorites. Jamie’s response? “It looks like a movie poster! I feel like a celebrity!” (LOVE to hear those words!).

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