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Elderly Pets – Rottweiler

More animal portraits… I’m on a roll! This is Hannah, my 11 year old Rottweiler (mix) dog. We’re not sure what breed she is mixed with… when she bought her, the seller promised us that she was full-Rott, but as she grew up, we realized she didn’t really look like it. We’re thinking part German Sheperd or something, right? Anyway, we bought her before I got into 5th grade and I absolutely fell in love with her. She’s definitely calmed down a bunch from when she was younger; I remember tons and tons of holes in my shirts when she was teething. She’s actually fairly old for a large dog — I hear most large dogs only live to about 10 years!

Now she has a hard time getting up off of the floor unless there’s carpet or a rug on the floor for her feet to grip into. She hobbles around the house and her eyes look a bit cloudy and her sense of smell is a little faded. We give her mostly vegetable and fruit snacks but we still spoil her with some human food, mostly rice.

She manages to look alive whenever there’s food around… or when she wants you to pet her (which is often).

She looks fairly young in the last shot, which makes me happy. I hope she lives a long, long time!

Kat - LOL why’s she licking the carpet!? xD

Such a cutie! Always smushed my foot by sitting on it in the entryway ahaha. Pet her lots for me!

blue - Aww she is the cutest! I could see you two cuddling up all day 🙂

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