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Ice House Canyon Trail, Mt Baldy, San Bernardino National Forest, CA – iPhone 4

Hello, blog! Since I’ve taken a break from the wedding realm of 2011 and are well moved in to 2012, I’ve decided to delve into a new (yet not totally unfamiliar) world of nature photography. We planned out a trip: to Mt Baldy for a hike (Anza Borrego next time!), up Ice House Canyon Trail, and see what awaited us. About two hours into the drive, I realized I’d forgotten a lens… but thankfully had my trusty iPhone 4 available. Perfect little travel companion.

Anyway, I disgress. It was a prefect day to go hiking: great temperatures, beautiful sights, wonderful place to be… lack of oxygen, complaining muscles and all. Six hour round trip: four hours up, two hours down. Somewhere roughly around 6.2 miles round trip… with both views of spring (chipmunks, squirrels, various feathered friends) and winter (snow! in April!). We definitely plan on going hiking more and more this year, as a week-long backpacking trip up in Yosemite has been planned!


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