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Joshua Tree with the iPhone 4

Sometimes it’s not always the best idea to lug around gear with you. When I feel like I’m getting stuck in a creative rut, I like to go OUT and explore. Of course, the photographer in me wants to document everything, which is why I adore my iPhone 4 (product placement, ew). Could I have gotten better shots with my DSLR? Yes. Did I want to at the time? Probably. Am I still satisfied, was I recharged, did I still have fun hiking and climbing without carrying 15 lbs of gear with me? Yes. Is this post to make a point about how you DON’T need a DSLR? Possibly.

Not to mention I was also able to escape the cold, overcast weather that was haunting the coast while I skipped away 2.5 hours inland for this beautiful location. I am definitely returning again, but with the proper gear next time…

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