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One thing that I find hard to do is keeping up with blogging… I’m sure I could mindlessly post things (more “mental downloads”) but it wouldn’t be quite as informational or interesting. It’s quite easy to sound redundant.

Someone told me that the point of blogging is to keep the world up-to-date with what you’re doing… it’s a way (at least for photographers/etc) to have a constantly-updated “portfolio”… say, pieces that you like but you wouldn’t put in your portfolio, or other side work. For example, since I’m aiming to be an event (wedding) and food photographer/cinematographer, I would have that up on my website (SarahSakamoto), but if I decided to delve into, say, fashion or architecture, I could add it to my blog because it would showcase what I’m doing, but it wouldn’t disrupt the “flow” of my portfolio (which is supposed to be basically like one body of work).

However, also being a personal blogger makes me want to share things on a more informational basis as well (I’ve mentioned this before but if you’d like to see a certain topic, feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment). I’m not too huge of a fan of the whole “show and tell” sort of thing. This *is* more of a personal blog anyways, versus when I blog for BlackSwanImagery.

Back to the whole “being redundant” thing though… something my friend Kat sent me today made me think of this blog topic. Have you ever thought of using a word cloud generating program to see what you talked about the most? I’m sure this would be the best way to figure out if you are generating the “right kind” of message. I posted mine (for this blog) below, credit to Wordle.

On another note, it’s very easy to slip into terms like “shooting”… which is apparently a habit I need to break.

Kat - You shoot people for a living :O

Kat - Hahaha jpjp <3

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