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High Speed Photography, Santa Barbara, CA

Shooting bullets, super-short-duration flashes, DSLRs… what more could I ask for in a class? My theme for the shoot was “gaming”, with a lightbulb thrown in there for fun. Thank you to my group (Darren, Lindsay and our teacher Rand Molnar), we definitely had some great times!

Guess which shot was my favorite! (psst, okay, I’ll tell you… the last one is my favorite. Save the best for last, right?)

On another note… I graduate this Sunday! Go me! So I hope to be able to catch up on blogging since I’ll have 3 more hours for 4 days of the week to do other things versus sitting in class. Anyway, time to head to dinner (sushi!) with my boyfriend and one of our close friends, Blake Grimmer, who is also officially finishing up with Brooks this session. You can click on his name to check out his blog, the last entry he has posted is hilarious — you can catch glimpses of me in the collage! Good memories.

jeannie - Sarah! great photos! I love the last one as well! Are you based in Santa Barbara? Would be awesome if we could collaborate sometime!

Cheryl - You’re so talented! I wish I could have finished out with you guys. So proud! ?

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