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Boutonnière pinning, Santa Barbara Wedding Photo and Cinema

Heading into week five of seven here at Brooks… and my last session here. I am unbelievably excited! It’s been a good three years here but I am ready to face a new adventure. I did very well on my graduate review as I found out on Friday (were able to go in and look at our scores and the comments we received). Checking in before I head off to make prints and cut matte boards for our “graduate exhibit” at our Cota campus.

Here’s my favorite shot that I’ve taken in the past few weeks… is this a photograph? A video still? Anyone care to make a guess?

It’s actually a video still (a frame taken from some footage)!

I am pleasantly surprised with how it turned out, and it prints well too (I included it in my graduate portfolio). Go Canon!

mona - go canon indeed! 🙂

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