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Tim: “Super Senior” kitty

This is my friend Kat’s 17-year-old cat named Tim. She calls him a “super senior” cat, hahah!

It’s funny to see how age progresses in animal, since it seems to show up more prevalently in animals than it does in humans, in terms of in a span of say, 5 to 10 years or so. Some don’t seem to age a bit, or at least to know how old they’re getting. Others lounge around and spend most of their time gathering their energy to make their next move around the house. Thankfully TIm is one of the former, so it made it super easy for me to be able to snap some shots of him.

Even a few years ago when I first met him, he was scampering around the house, mewing for attention. His owners love kissing him on the head, so whenever he hears a kissy sound, he bobbed his head up (he still does that now). He loved lounging on the ironing board, loved scampering around outside (untethered), loved wandering around the house.

And now…

And then he fell asleep (sort of, he kept eyeing me and giving me a look telling me to leave him alone, haha).

Photographed March 1, 2010.
Equipment: Canon 7D and 50mm 1.2 lens
Handheld, no supplemental lighting (just window light).
Minimal retouching (some contrast and slight color correction).

I hope you like these pictures, Kat! I hope Tim lives to be the oldest cat in the world.

Kat - My beautiful Tim <333

Thanks for taking these shots. They'll be invaluable in years to come T~T

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