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Nature story: Figueroa Mountain

For this assignment, we were supposed to research a magazine that accepted articles on nature, pick something we would like to shoot that would fit within what that magazine would publish, then go out and shoot. The final turn-in was to be 20 images in total. For mine, I picked to document Figueroa Mountain which is in the Los Padres National Forest. I shot on four separate days: once during the daytime, twice during the evening/sunset hours then a final time before the sun rose.

I hope these images helped you piece together a picture of this beautiful location.

I tried to let the pictures speak for themselves and not caption them… so if you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment or contact me otherwise!

Thanks for looking.

Kat - omg. This seriously makes me want to go there. ALL THOSE ANIMALS!!!!! You captured so many beauuutiful shots!! muhhhh I’m showing James and making him take me there >:P

Jamie Solorio - Just found your blog as I was searching for information on open shade in photography. I am so loving your photographs! Just thought I would tell you how beautiful they all are.

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