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Best of… the class

Definitely reposting two images, but these are what I feel represent ME as a nature photographer (within the constraints that I have taken all of these photographs during this 2-month class time). These are what I consider to be my “top 4” image out of aaaaaaall of the ones I took.

So, enjoy this peek into my soul… (commences evil laughter).

Definitely one of my favorites. I love fine art photography, and love the look of IR (infrared) photography. These were the natural colors once I converted it into black-and-white, but it still looks like it is an infrared shot. Add the bird on the two (magically) parallel telephone wires… favorite. Taken with a 24mm TS-e on the Canon 7D.

Dark, after the sun has set, shallow depth of field, back-lit… I definitely love rim lights. Taken with the 100mm 2.8 and the Canon 7D.

Another shallow depth of field shot with a very simple subject (I usually prefer to only have one subject in my photographs), diagonal line going across the frame. Very simple and clean. Favorite. Taken with the 100mm 2.8 and the Canon 7D.

Definitely, definitely one of my favorite shots this session. One, butterflies are very hard to photograph. Two, I remembered to pop in a little light to fill in the shadows (with a 580 EX II). Three… I don’t know. It’s really just on some level of perfection to me. Taken with the 180mm 3.5 and the 7D.

I hope you enjoyed these shots. I just might have to include a “nature” portfolio onto my website, but I’m not sure yet; I definitely know I have to update it sometime soon!

mona - Love love love the shots 🙂

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