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Best of… telephoto photography

I would like to make the distinction between “telephoto” lens and “zoom” lens.

A “telephoto” lens is a lens that’s longer than 135mm.
A “zoom” lens… zooms.

Not all telephoto lenses are zoom lenses. Not all zoom lenses are telephoto lenses. They’re really not interchangeable terms, though some people tend to use them interchangeably. Zoom lenses can reach into the telephoto range though, like a 70-200mm (called a “telephoto zoom” lens). Not technically a telephoto lens since it goes down to 70mm, but it zooms into the telephoto range. There’s also a 200-400mm, which is in the telephoto range outright but it also zooms.

Basically, mind your P’s and Q’s! Hope this helps.

A yellow-billed magpie sitting on a fence. I almost drove past it but I slammed on my brakes, whipped out my camera, and got this shot… right before it flew away. Don’t worry, there were no cars within eyesight (and this area was flaaaat and straaaaight!) so slamming on my brakes did no harm except for, perhaps, to my tires.

Not exactly sure what kind of bird this is, but I posted this photo earlier. My teacher really liked the shot, so into my final portfolio it went!

A yucca plant growing on Figueroa Mountain in Los Olivos, California. Very cool looking!

The stinger of an Emperor Scorpion. It doesn’t look very nice, does it? But it’s apparently one of the most exported scorpions due to its size and the low toxicity of its poison; it’s exported so much that it’s almost extinct!

The very same Leopard Gecko. It’s not very large, probably only about 3-4 inches long.

A mother Broad-Tailed hummingbird. Doesn’t she look very patient, kind and caring? This was actually taken with a 100mm lens, but we were allowed one shot that was less than 180mm. So this is neither telephoto OR zoom!

Sun setting… it was a beautiful sunset, something you see in safari pictures almost.

Hope you enjoyed (visually) and learned something new about photography! Remember, wide and zoom… mind your p’s and q’s!

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