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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Candlelight, INK restaurant, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

Ventured into Los Angeles last Friday to try out a new up-and-coming restaurant, ink. (you can check out their website here) with two Reluctant Foodies. While we waited for our food, I decided to play around with some candlelight (as the restaurant light was fairly dim – “mood lighting”?) and see what kind of shots […]

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Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, Laguna Beach, California

Ever meandered through the corridor of the 133 and wondered if there was something better you could be doing than sitting in a long line of cars (waiting to get down to Laguna Beach) because someone had decided a long time ago that a one lane road was sufficient enough – or that the beach […]

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New hobbies, Santiago Park, Santa Ana, California

Picked up a new hobby, involving bows and arrows and Robin Hood (only one of those is a partial lie). Definitely not Hunger Games. Judging by the target, I’d say sometimes I’m a pretty good shot – in terms of groupings. Hey, I said grouping, not groupies. Next time we’ll see if I can’t dust […]

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