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Meet Wesley Wilson, our personal trainer. He is very, um, physically fit. (Does anyone else hear “Let’s get physical, physical!” in their heads?) Either way, he needed some test shots as he’s going to be featured in a health magazine… as well as be a body double (possibly) for an upcoming movie — though I […]

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So, not really an army tank… more like what we call here at Brooks, a “drop tank”. Basically, it’s a special-made tank just for Brooks (though I’m sure you could figure out how to make one yourself) that’s about a foot wide by two feet long, filled with water… and we get to drop random […]

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Ever dropped a vase filled with flowers? You see it in commercials and even in movies, but have you ever really SEEN it? It only takes a split second, yet it leaves such a wonderfully sharp, dangerous mess. Quite needless to say, we only had ONE chance of getting this picture (as I was not […]

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Every Day

There are some wonderful, miraculous things going on EVERY SINGLE DAY.. and perhaps you notice it, perhaps you don’t. Either way, I’d like to show you what I see on a mostly day-to-day basis. When you’re washing a spoon… Or perhaps watering the plants. Enjoying a game of cards with some friends. Or… just taking […]

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Painting with Light

I’ve “painted with light before”.. turning the lights off, sitting in the darkness with a flashlight, and literally “painting” something onto the film… because if it were completely dark, there would be nothing on the film (or sensor), correct? Just a plain, single-tone color. Now what happens if you modify a flashlight, hang it from […]

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