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Best of… macro photography

Macro photography… taken with either a 100mm or 180mm lens. For those of you who are wondering how the heck I got so close to such strange animals.. most of them are captive, owned by an animal wrangler who came by to visit and let the class photograph his animals. Some animals have actually received […]

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Coming soon!

Final week of class! This means… my final portfolio has already been turned in, so you get to see the “best of…” series of images that I turned in. The “kinds” of photography will be macro, telephoto and scenic/wide shots. Then I’ll have an “editorial” post where we were supposed to choose a magazine to […]

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Backyard Nature

The best part about taking this nature photography course is… quite honestly, sometimes I don’t enjoy taking the class. It’s not the teacher or the assignments, but it’s usually the class overall. Either I have senioritis (haha, don’t we all?) or I’ll schedule 4 models and they’ll all flake on me, one after the other, […]

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Meet Wesley Wilson, our personal trainer. He is very, um, physically fit. (Does anyone else hear “Let’s get physical, physical!” in their heads?) Either way, he needed some test shots as he’s going to be featured in a health magazine… as well as be a body double (possibly) for an upcoming movie — though I […]

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So, not really an army tank… more like what we call here at Brooks, a “drop tank”. Basically, it’s a special-made tank just for Brooks (though I’m sure you could figure out how to make one yourself) that’s about a foot wide by two feet long, filled with water… and we get to drop random […]

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