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Yearly Archives: 2010

Quick update

Hello all! Thanks for all of your support and comments throughout this short blog lifetime. It’s been a crazy few months, and this month is no exception. Being at student here at Brooks means constantly having to time manage and give up a few things (like sleep and a normal eating schedule) to gain a […]

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Best of… the class

Definitely reposting two images, but these are what I feel represent ME as a nature photographer (within the constraints that I have taken all of these photographs during this 2-month class time). These are what I consider to be my “top 4” image out of aaaaaaall of the ones I took. So, enjoy this peek […]

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Nature story: Figueroa Mountain

For this assignment, we were supposed to research a magazine that accepted articles on nature, pick something we would like to shoot that would fit within what that magazine would publish, then go out and shoot. The final turn-in was to be 20 images in total. For mine, I picked to document Figueroa Mountain which […]

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Best of… scenic (wide) photography

Some old, some new. I don’t usually like wide lenses unless I’m trying to take scenery shots… so this kind of just worked out in itself, being a nature photography course. Of the three (macro, telephoto and wide), this was definitely the hardest on me in terms of being able to create the exact image […]

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Best of… telephoto photography

I would like to make the distinction between “telephoto” lens and “zoom” lens. A “telephoto” lens is a lens that’s longer than 135mm. A “zoom” lens… zooms. Not all telephoto lenses are zoom lenses. Not all zoom lenses are telephoto lenses. They’re really not interchangeable terms, though some people tend to use them interchangeably. Zoom […]

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