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Published! Broughton Hospitality, Spring 2011 Issue.

Guess who was published? (screenshot taken of the online PDF file) Many, many thanks to Broughton Hospitality magazine, Grey Box Studios‘ Paul Gomez and Chase Brock. The photographs were taken during my time at Brooks Institute for the food photography course, taught by Bill Robbins. Check out the article on local flavors, featuring Santa Barbara’s […]

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Quick update

Hello all! Thanks for all of your support and comments throughout this short blog lifetime. It’s been a crazy few months, and this month is no exception. Being at student here at Brooks means constantly having to time manage and give up a few things (like sleep and a normal eating schedule) to gain a […]

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Coming soon!

Final week of class! This means… my final portfolio has already been turned in, so you get to see the “best of…” series of images that I turned in. The “kinds” of photography will be macro, telephoto and scenic/wide shots. Then I’ll have an “editorial” post where we were supposed to choose a magazine to […]

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Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that I’ve jumped on the Twitter bandwagon after reading so many great articles… and created two accounts: one for myself and one for our business, Black Swan Imagery! So here’s a few links to check out if you have the time: Portfolio: Blog: Twitter: Twitter: (me!) Portfolio: […]

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