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Star light, star bright

This is an older image, from the same trip into the Sierras as the last image (of Temple Crag and Second Lake). Beautiful nights like these out in the middle of nowhere are an amazing release from the daily grind in a medical office… plus having the story topper during the “So, what did you […]

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Time Lapse: Stars

Time Lapse: Stars 30 second exposures over a period of about 5 hours. Waiting for the next full moon to try this again! Hopefully with less cloud cover this time.

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Best of… scenic (wide) photography

Some old, some new. I don’t usually like wide lenses unless I’m trying to take scenery shots… so this kind of just worked out in itself, being a nature photography course. Of the three (macro, telephoto and wide), this was definitely the hardest on me in terms of being able to create the exact image […]

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Painting with Light

I’ve “painted with light before”.. turning the lights off, sitting in the darkness with a flashlight, and literally “painting” something onto the film… because if it were completely dark, there would be nothing on the film (or sensor), correct? Just a plain, single-tone color. Now what happens if you modify a flashlight, hang it from […]

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