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Exploring Washington: Independence and North Lakes

Another backpacking weekend in the middle of the glorious Washington summer. Also true of Washington summers: unpredictable weather. We started hiking up to Independence Lake on a weekday, and were met with fog, mist, rain, sprinkling, you name it. We camped on the north side of Independence Lake and hurriedly set up our tent amidst […]

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Exploring Washington: Boardman Lake Overnighter

Who doesn’t love hiking with their dog? Not us, that’s for sure. (Double negative, boom!) Boardman Lake is a pretty hike for a short distance (2.0 mile round-trip) — people hike with this chairs, coolers, kids, you name it. Great for summer days, since you can swim in the lake (albeit being a little cold […]

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Exploring Washington: Skagit Tulip Festival

Nothing quite as breath taking as the Skagit Tulip Festival when Spring rolls around in Washington! Rows and rows upon fields of fields of tulips. Of course, this also means hours and hours of traffic just to take a look at one field (of many!) — so I definitely recommend going during the week, if […]

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Wishing for Spring, Boardman Lake, WA

The hardest part of moving to Washington for me (besides moving far, far away from family and friends) is the lack of sunshine and blue skies. Something about the sun rays just warms up my bones and spurs inspiration (my boyfriend calls ms solar-powered). This being my first winter up here… it’s been a rough […]

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