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Every Day

There are some wonderful, miraculous things going on EVERY SINGLE DAY.. and perhaps you notice it, perhaps you don’t. Either way, I’d like to show you what I see on a mostly day-to-day basis. When you’re washing a spoon… Or perhaps watering the plants. Enjoying a game of cards with some friends. Or… just taking […]

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So, what do you really do with all of those empty glass bottles? Well, we definitely just recycle them…. hah. Just a few shots of what happens when something moving hits something not moving… and much more solid. And yes, if you’re wondering, these ARE “Mexican Coke” bottles… as in, they contain real cane sugar. […]

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Have you ever wondered what a falling drop of water looks like? Well, then this entry might help you out 🙂 The most fascinating part to me is that this entire sequence happens in a split of a split second.

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