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Backyard Nature

The best part about taking this nature photography course is… quite honestly, sometimes I don’t enjoy taking the class. It’s not the teacher or the assignments, but it’s usually the class overall. Either I have senioritis (haha, don’t we all?) or I’ll schedule 4 models and they’ll all flake on me, one after the other, […]

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Devereux Slough, Goleta, CA

If you drive up the 101 freeway (from, say, Los Angeles) and exit Storke/Glen Annie… turn left off the exit and continue down.. all the way down.. past El Colegio.. and you’ll see this slough (a swamp) on your left, after the road gets narrow and windy. It’s really quite a nice place.. if you […]

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Trachemys scripta elegans, Santa Barbara CA

Part of this nature class requires us to find out exactly what kind of animal or bug or plant we’ve photographed… in essence, labeling. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this turtle is officially called “Trachemys Scripta Elegans”. There were a good 6-8 turtles in this pond (Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden in […]

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Carpinteria, CA

If you’re ever driving up the 101 northbound (or down the 101 southbound), you can exit off Bailard (looks like Ballard unless you inspect the sign very closely), head towards the ocean… and you’ll find this pretty little area. I was actually heading to class when I saw that the light was at a very […]

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Ducklings, Andree Clark Bird Refuge, Santa Barbara

My next photography class here at Brooks is…. Nature Photography! So, prepare yourself for pictures of… well… nature and animals. Before every session, we have an assignment called “prep week”, or preparation week, preparing yourself for the next class. Usually it involves research of some sort, but this time it consists of going around to […]

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