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Best of… the class

Definitely reposting two images, but these are what I feel represent ME as a nature photographer (within the constraints that I have taken all of these photographs during this 2-month class time). These are what I consider to be my “top 4” image out of aaaaaaall of the ones I took. So, enjoy this peek […]

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Nature story: Figueroa Mountain

For this assignment, we were supposed to research a magazine that accepted articles on nature, pick something we would like to shoot that would fit within what that magazine would publish, then go out and shoot. The final turn-in was to be 20 images in total. For mine, I picked to document Figueroa Mountain which […]

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Best of… scenic (wide) photography

Some old, some new. I don’t usually like wide lenses unless I’m trying to take scenery shots… so this kind of just worked out in itself, being a nature photography course. Of the three (macro, telephoto and wide), this was definitely the hardest on me in terms of being able to create the exact image […]

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Best of… telephoto photography

I would like to make the distinction between “telephoto” lens and “zoom” lens. A “telephoto” lens is a lens that’s longer than 135mm. A “zoom” lens… zooms. Not all telephoto lenses are zoom lenses. Not all zoom lenses are telephoto lenses. They’re really not interchangeable terms, though some people tend to use them interchangeably. Zoom […]

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Best of… macro photography

Macro photography… taken with either a 100mm or 180mm lens. For those of you who are wondering how the heck I got so close to such strange animals.. most of them are captive, owned by an animal wrangler who came by to visit and let the class photograph his animals. Some animals have actually received […]

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