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Exploring Washington: Gas Works Park, Seattle

Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 is a beast on full frame. Here it is around 16mm: still vignetting at the corners- but look at the view! The price is pretty good though- $600 for the Tokina versus the $2400 it would cost for the Canon 14mm (however, it is aspherical – no distortions! or at least as […]

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Headshot and portrait photography, Orange County photographer

Back again with one of my favorite subjects in our favorite dying/burnt field. Trying out different lighting, lower camera angles and different editing as well. The golden/sepia tone seems to lend itself well to the overall mood – plus, I really love Sting’s “Fields of Gold”. I also decided to redo my business cards, so […]

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Published! Broughton Hospitality, Spring 2011 Issue.

Guess who was published? (screenshot taken of the online PDF file) Many, many thanks to Broughton Hospitality magazine, Grey Box Studios‘ Paul Gomez and Chase Brock. The photographs were taken during my time at Brooks Institute for the food photography course, taught by Bill Robbins. Check out the article on local flavors, featuring Santa Barbara’s […]

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Camera Basics: Aperture (or focal-ratio, f-stop)

Post requested by a dear friend, K, regarding camera basics (namely aperture). A few other camera basics posts will be coming up in the next few weeks covering topics like ISO, white balance, composition, etc. Please keep in mind that this is a BASIC review – for more information, either send me an e-mail or […]

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Social Media Management

One thing that I find hard to do is keeping up with blogging… I’m sure I could mindlessly post things (more “mental downloads”) but it wouldn’t be quite as informational or interesting. It’s quite easy to sound redundant. Someone told me that the point of blogging is to keep the world up-to-date with what you’re […]

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