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Justin & Hailey Maydole wedding, Pickering Barn, Issaquah, WA

Beautiful couple, beautiful day. Couldn’t be happier for this young couple, congratulations Justin and Hailey! A few previews to start this new year off right.


Kelly - Oh my gosh Sarah!!!!
I just started crying at my desk, looking at these!!!
You are so talented…i love the sneak peeks!!!
Can’t wait to see them all.
Thank you sooooo much for yoyr hours and hours and hours of work.
You are incredble!!!!

Joanna Shipley - Love my grandchildren

M&M: Engagement, southern California

Love comes in all shapes and sizes, in all forms, at all times, especially when you least expect it. What a beautiful couple, I could not be happier to capture their love in engagement photos and be the best woman at their wedding! We started off with a drive in the dark down to San Diego to capture the sunrise, headed to Fullerton with family, and ended in Los Angeles at the LACMA museum.


Exploring Washington: Independence and North Lakes

Another backpacking weekend in the middle of the glorious Washington summer. Also true of Washington summers: unpredictable weather. We started hiking up to Independence Lake on a weekday, and were met with fog, mist, rain, sprinkling, you name it. We camped on the north side of Independence Lake and hurriedly set up our tent amidst a random rain spurt. Next day, hoping for some sunshine.. met with more rain, spending half the day in our tent. On our last day, as we headed out, we were met with a short bit of sunshine… which was quickly covered by the fog… and as we hiked out and headed into the car (and were met with crowds of people heading in!), found some sunshine on the drive out.

Ah, well. We all know overcast lighting is the best lighting anyways 😉 so as a photographer, I was happy!


Stacky - Oh my goodness these pictures are gorgeous. I need to come visit you in WA!!!! <3 you!

Exploring Washington: Boardman Lake Overnighter

Who doesn’t love hiking with their dog? Not us, that’s for sure. (Double negative, boom!)

Boardman Lake is a pretty hike for a short distance (2.0 mile round-trip) — people hike with this chairs, coolers, kids, you name it. Great for summer days, since you can swim in the lake (albeit being a little cold in my opinion, though my boyfriend thought it was perfectly fine). This means that it is going to be a little busy– but if you hike around the lake a little more, you can usually find a more secluded spot to camp. We attempted to make it to Island Lake (another short hike, but you will be bush-whacking! The “trail” is a “fisherman’s trail”) TWICE this summer, but failed both times. It turns out that I am not a bush whacking kind of gal. Either way, it is very pretty, and a great introductory hike if you’re starting to explore.

Google “Boardman Lake” for WTA’s information guide (should be the first link).