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Candlelight, INK restaurant, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

Ventured into Los Angeles last Friday to try out a new up-and-coming restaurant, ink. (you can check out their website here) with two Reluctant Foodies. While we waited for our food, I decided to play around with some candlelight (as the restaurant light was fairly dim – “mood lighting”?) and see what kind of shots I could take of their menu – which I loved!

It was printed on textured paper, and the outside folder was actually leather – made for a very floppy menu, but it was a very enjoyable tactile experience. Some of the food that came out was even served on heated dishes!

I’ll save the food photographs for Reluctant Foodies’ blog post.

Bridge to Nowhere hike, San Gabriel Mountains, Azusa, California

Seems like this is a pretty well known hike, if you ask around. There are quite a few pictures this time around, so I’ll leave my chattering for the beginning and let you enjoy the photos in silence.

Apparently you can do some bungee jumping on the actual bridge (see Bungee America), and there are plenty of spots where you can play around in the water (lots of people walking around in swim trunks, bathing suits and the like), as well as some good places to pan for gold — ! Definitely a trail to revisit.

If you stay along the trail, it’s supposed to be 9.5 miles (or so), and if you get off the trail or cross at the wrong place (cough), then it may be closer to 10.5 or so. It’s not particularly strenuous (compared to Ice House Canyon), but you do cross the river a handful of times and there are one or two sections where you’re doing some climbing… but most of it is fairly flat. Some crossings you can do dry, some you need to have good balance for – or you will end up with wet boots when you’re hurrying back to the car because the sun has already set. Again, that’s just me guessing. Not personal experience or anything.

And, by the way, real hikers always bring Starbucks.



This was me literally laying on the ground (we may have hiked the last mile in a rush due to time constraints – or maybe we didn’t. Who knows?).

And then finally, THE BRIDGE. The Bridge to Nowhere.

Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, Laguna Beach, California

Ever meandered through the corridor of the 133 and wondered if there was something better you could be doing than sitting in a long line of cars (waiting to get down to Laguna Beach) because someone had decided a long time ago that a one lane road was sufficient enough – or that the beach wasn’t really all that great of a place to go?

I digress. Anyway, the answer to that question is, in fact, YES! Go to the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park. Lots of different paths you can take (I suggest looking up a map first, as there are some paths that are steeper than others… and we seemed to have found THREE on our short little hike, roughly a 5.5 mile round trip).

Just watch out for the stink bugs – also known as a clown beetle, if you’re feeling silly. Or Proxys punctulatus if you’re feeling specific.

New hobbies, Santiago Park, Santa Ana, California

Picked up a new hobby, involving bows and arrows and Robin Hood (only one of those is a partial lie). Definitely not Hunger Games. Judging by the target, I’d say sometimes I’m a pretty good shot – in terms of groupings. Hey, I said grouping, not groupies.

Next time we’ll see if I can’t dust off me ole’ brain and get some stop action shots of arrows in mid-air… with or without an apple. Who knows where inspiration will take me.