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Star light, star bright

This is an older image, from the same trip into the Sierras as the last image (of Temple Crag and Second Lake). Beautiful nights like these out in the middle of nowhere are an amazing release from the daily grind in a medical office… plus having the story topper during the “So, what did you do last weekend?” always helps  😉 har har.


Tried to update my WordPress and ended up somehow deleting my theme… so here’s to starting from scratch. We’ll see how long this lasts (; don’t worry, when it’s not the weekday I’ll have some more time to mess around with it so it doesn’t look quite so plain.

I’ll be back sometime later this week or next with some photographs of the high Sierras, specifically First Lake and Second Lake out of Lone Pine, California. Gorgeous trip, even if I hiked up with a bug (and subsequently ended up spending the trip  weak and sniffly). Definitely a much needed recharge and vacation.

Doing some traveling in the next few weekends, so hope to have even more photos to update with! Until then, be safe and have fun.

– Sarah