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Richard and Amanda – Quite the Pair – couples photography, Orange County, California

First off, happy new year! 2013!

Starting off the new year with a few images of some friends – husband and wife – and I must say, they make quite the pair.
Therefore, the large amount of diptychs!
Yes, pun intended.
Yes, apologies extended for my sense of humor.

This is actually a revisit of the spot where they tied the knot, the Old Orange County Courthouse, as they had decided to secretly run away on a Friday last year without a photographer (gasp, the horror! ha ha). We had some rain earlier – in southern California – unheard of! – but, fortunately, were graced with some beautiful, soft light thanks to the overcast day. I also had the luck of having fellow Brooks graduate (and good friend) Jamie Austin with me – go on and check out her page (link here) – when she posts up her set of photos, I’ll update with a link.

Without further ado, enjoy.

And what kind of blog post would this be if I didn’t include a gratuitous photo of myself… check out my perfectly oriented business cards! Photo credit goes to Jamie Austin.

Mike and Belinda – Christmas 2012 – couples portraiture, Orange County, California

Rounding out 2012 with Belinda and Mike!

They really decked out their house with boughs of holly – er, I mean lights – so we started off at the Orange Circle (very decorated), then headed back to their house (even more decorated). I would say they really love Christmas, but they also go all out for Halloween as well… so… anyway. We played around with the light, made some fun bokeh and had a great time. Yes, I mean we – I had a partner in crime for this shoot, fellow Brooks Institute graduate Jamie Austin (link here). Check at the cameo at the end – surprise guest!


Rock Climbing, B2 Trashcan Rock Quail Springs, Joshua Tree National Park, Twentynine Palms, Southern California / Nature Sports Action Photography

For more information about this particular route/climb, take a look at this PDF off the REI site (link).

The best part about the trip? We were there for the Orionid meteor shower (supposedly the best of the year, we’ve been out a total of THREE times now for various meteor showers – Perseid and Leonid), only to have it cloudy with drizzle the first night, and cloudy and – what is that? SNOW? – on the second night.

On another note, here’s a shot of me in action! Photo courtesy of Ernest Rivera. Yes, it was cold. Yes, it was my first time climbing. Yes, I am wearing a panda hat. And yes, I did make it to the top – woo hoo! I have bruises on my knees and sore muscles to prove it.