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Exploring Washington: Hiker

So, what exactly do you need to spend your fourth of July on Mt Rainier?

Protective eyewear… check.
Protective headgear… check.
Jacket… check.
Gloves… check.
Protective facial hair… check.
Obnoxious colors… check.

Well done, sir.

Health and fitness with Kim (kimmy2too), Orange County, California

With overall well being and fitness on my mind last year, I decided to make a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. My journey continued on into social media, one of which was the ever popular Instagram. After seeing so many inspiring people (not too distant from myself!) and searching around a little, I chanced upon Kim (kimmy2too) via my friend Renn (rennhearts). What an inspiration! You’ll never guess her age. You might not even be able to guess that she braved standing on a stage, in front of hundreds of people, a panel of judges… in a bikini! Hurrah! Keep being amazing Kim 🙂

More fitness images to come! Busy grinding gears, meddling in the shop.. definitely inspired.

Cross-Country Skiing (XC Ski), Rim Nordic, Big Bear, Running Springs, San Bernadino Mountains, California

New year, new adventures!

Halfway through the first month of the year and already getting into a new sport: cross-country skiing! Thank goodness for the snow up in the mountains. I haven’t skied in a good ten years, so it was quite an experience getting into more flexible boots on top of much thinner skis. I’m not too proud to say that I fell three times, but there are always [growing] pains right? Hardy har har.

Keep your eyes peeled for yet another special guest appearance… enjoy!


His name is Brody, and he was such a sweet, sweet dog. Hi Rim Nordic folks, you’ll be receiving a print when I come back! 🙂