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Exploring Washington: Mt Rainier

Snow on a mountain? In July? Washington is a totally different animal from California. I’ll be trying out a new series on the blog… Exploring Washington. Here’s the first post of many, the breath taking Mt Rainier (or at least my traveling companions).

Other Mt Rainier photos to come.

Papa’s boy, family portraiture, Orange County, California


I know, I know that people say “mama’s boy”, “daddy’s girl”.. but just look at Oliver with his papa! Melts my heart.

Myself? I’m definitely a daddy’s girl. His birthday is coming up in a few days, and I’m so sad I can’t be there to celebrate with him, so here’s some e-love, daddy. I’ll be down to visit soon! Lots of love from Washington, from your little girl xoxo

Jamie, graduation senior photography, Orange County, California

First post from Washington, woohoo!

Say hello to my little friend! Also known as Jamie Austin, my co-shooter (when in California.. she unfortunately stays in California). She is also a graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography. When she asked me to take some graduation photos of her, I was so honored and happy to be able to capture these photos for her – when another photographer asks you to take their pictures, it’s usually pretty serious business, right? 😉 We know what we like!

For Jamie’s graduation photos, we wanted a few “traditional” shots in cap and gown… then we set off on a fun adventure with a twin-lens reflex camera, a cute little suitcase and a pretty lace dress.

Here are a few favorites. Jamie’s response? “It looks like a movie poster! I feel like a celebrity!” (LOVE to hear those words!).


Hey all!

Just a quick notice to explain why I’ve been AWOL..
I’ve relocated up to Washington! (slightly north of Seattle, to be more specific).
Emerald city. Surrounded by the great outdoors: Mt Rainier to the south, Mt Baker to the north. 

Yes, it was a rather sudden decision to move up. Yes, I will still be heading down to California every few months (hopefully), so it may take a little while longer to book a session, but they’re still available! As I get more settled in here, I’ll be updating with some more posts as I get crackin’ on editing!

Please excuse the dust 🙂 we’ll return to some regularly scheduled programming soon.

xoxo, Sarah