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Roosevelt Elk, Prairie Creek, Redwoods State Park, California

Normally an abrupt awakening at sunrise would result in me being a very unhappy camper (literally), unless you are shaking me awake with, “Sarah! Elk! Meadow! Camera! Sarah, bring your camera! Elk!!”. Needless to say, I hopped up with a quickness that I hardly ever experience in the mornings, and we scampered as close as we dare (which wasn’t very close, to be honest). What an amazing animal!


Exploring Washington: Skagit Tulip Festival

Nothing quite as breath taking as the Skagit Tulip Festival when Spring rolls around in Washington! Rows and rows upon fields of fields of tulips. Of course, this also means hours and hours of traffic just to take a look at one field (of many!) — so I definitely recommend going during the week, if you have the opportunity to do so, of course.

© Sarah Sakamoto, all rights reserved
© Sarah Sakamoto, all rights reserved
© Sarah Sakamoto, all rights reserved

Wishing for Spring, Boardman Lake, WA

The hardest part of moving to Washington for me (besides moving far, far away from family and friends) is the lack of sunshine and blue skies. Something about the sun rays just warms up my bones and spurs inspiration (my boyfriend calls ms solar-powered). This being my first winter up here… it’s been a rough transition. Just waiting for those summer days — Washington can’t be beat during the summer!

Clouds and rain go away- let me have some brighter days.