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Devereux Slough, Goleta, CA

If you drive up the 101 freeway (from, say, Los Angeles) and exit Storke/Glen Annie… turn left off the exit and continue down.. all the way down.. past El Colegio.. and you’ll see this slough (a swamp) on your left, after the road gets narrow and windy.

It’s really quite a nice place.. if you go ALL the way down, there’s a parking lot and a beach. There’s no REAL parking (except for nearer to the beach), but it isn’t too bad. If you go when the tide is high, you can see lots of birds… but I’d definitely recommend bringing a ZOOM lens… I only had a 70-200mm lens with me and I was getting NOWHERE. Birds were still way too far out.

This place is definitely worth a revisit, in my book. Of course, with proper equipment.

I did manage to see a little bird in front of me… so I was able to take a fairly decent “detail” picture for the assignment. So cute and plump looking!


So, what do you really do with all of those empty glass bottles?

Well, we definitely just recycle them…. hah.

Just a few shots of what happens when something moving hits something not moving… and much more solid.

And yes, if you’re wondering, these ARE “Mexican Coke” bottles… as in, they contain real cane sugar. And yes, they are definitely worth the extra few bucks! I bought a pack of these at Bev Mo! down in Orange (CA).

Trachemys scripta elegans, Santa Barbara CA

Part of this nature class requires us to find out exactly what kind of animal or bug or plant we’ve photographed… in essence, labeling. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this turtle is officially called “Trachemys Scripta Elegans”. There were a good 6-8 turtles in this pond (Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden in Santa Barbara, CA) and they were being quite friendly!

Either way… have you ever seen their eyes? Yea, me either. Managed to capture some fairly unique shots (in my opinion).

Also, the obligatory wide shot of Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden — yes, her name actually is Alice Keck Park.

Photographs taken around 5:30PM.


Have you ever wondered what a falling drop of water looks like?

Well, then this entry might help you out ๐Ÿ™‚

The most fascinating part to me is that this entire sequence happens in a split of a split second.

Carpinteria, CA

If you’re ever driving up the 101 northbound (or down the 101 southbound), you can exit off Bailard (looks like Ballard unless you inspect the sign very closely), head towards the ocean… and you’ll find this pretty little area. I was actually heading to class when I saw that the light was at a very pretty “post-sunset” mode, but still light enough to take photographs — we like to call it the “magic hour”.

As to fulfill the assignment, I again had to take a “wide” shot and a “detail” shot, but I couldn’t just choose one, so here are all 4 photos!


If you’re wondering, yes, it did start to get fairly dark, haha. My ISO wasn’t at the lowest, so I had to tweak the exposure a bit in postproduction (using Lightroom). Overall, though, I really love the feel of the photographs.

I also used Photomatix to create an HDRI (High Definition Range Image) for the wide shot. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to see the entire range of the photos… this is what the scene looked like to my eye, but it definitely was not what my camera captured. Definitely a worthy program to check out if you have the time!

Canon 7D with various lenses.

Janice - Your photography is so freaking gorgeous. You need to like start selling your photos or something! ๐Ÿ˜€