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High Speed Photography, Santa Barbara, CA

Shooting bullets, super-short-duration flashes, DSLRs… what more could I ask for in a class? My theme for the shoot was “gaming”, with a lightbulb thrown in there for fun. Thank you to my group (Darren, Lindsay and our teacher Rand Molnar), we definitely had some great times!

Guess which shot was my favorite! (psst, okay, I’ll tell you… the last one is my favorite. Save the best for last, right?)

On another note… I graduate this Sunday! Go me! So I hope to be able to catch up on blogging since I’ll have 3 more hours for 4 days of the week to do other things versus sitting in class. Anyway, time to head to dinner (sushi!) with my boyfriend and one of our close friends, Blake Grimmer, who is also officially finishing up with Brooks this session. You can click on his name to check out his blog, the last entry he has posted is hilarious — you can catch glimpses of me in the collage! Good memories.

jeannie - Sarah! great photos! I love the last one as well! Are you based in Santa Barbara? Would be awesome if we could collaborate sometime!

Cheryl - You’re so talented! I wish I could have finished out with you guys. So proud! ?

Boutonnière pinning, Santa Barbara Wedding Photo and Cinema

Heading into week five of seven here at Brooks… and my last session here. I am unbelievably excited! It’s been a good three years here but I am ready to face a new adventure. I did very well on my graduate review as I found out on Friday (were able to go in and look at our scores and the comments we received). Checking in before I head off to make prints and cut matte boards for our “graduate exhibit” at our Cota campus.

Here’s my favorite shot that I’ve taken in the past few weeks… is this a photograph? A video still? Anyone care to make a guess?

It’s actually a video still (a frame taken from some footage)!

I am pleasantly surprised with how it turned out, and it prints well too (I included it in my graduate portfolio). Go Canon!

mona - go canon indeed! 🙂

Quick update

Hello all! Thanks for all of your support and comments throughout this short blog lifetime. It’s been a crazy few months, and this month is no exception. Being at student here at Brooks means constantly having to time manage and give up a few things (like sleep and a normal eating schedule) to gain a few things (experience, time, shooting). After almost three years here, I am very proud to say that this is my last session here and I am expected to graduate on August 29th, 2010!

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve started working out in the field (versus interning, as I was doing before) with some great wedding cinematographers. I recently attended a StillMotion workshop out in Las Vegas! We (my boyfriend and I) ended up going to help StillMotion with a commercial shoot the day after the workshop… out in the middle of the desert in Palm Springs, which was a blast, despite being about 110 degrees.

I still have a deep love for photography, but I’m definitely excited about the field of cinematography as well. It’s great having such a good base of photography knowledge because I find it definitely helps me when I’m out there shooting. Not to mention the fact that the Canon 7D (my main camera) and the Canon 5DMKII have both photo and video capabilities.

On that note, for my final portfolio for this school, I decided to base it around weddings (whereas other recent portfolios have centered around food or product photography). I also decided to look into customizing a logo as well as changing up a few colors (yay for research!). I’m definitely happy to see where my work has progressed, and can only work harder to make sure that it keeps heading in the direction that I want it to go!

A photo of me in deep contemplation about the past three years (with our latest lens, the 135mm).

And for those of you who are wondering, the thought of graduation both scares and excites me.

Best of… the class

Definitely reposting two images, but these are what I feel represent ME as a nature photographer (within the constraints that I have taken all of these photographs during this 2-month class time). These are what I consider to be my “top 4” image out of aaaaaaall of the ones I took.

So, enjoy this peek into my soul… (commences evil laughter).

Definitely one of my favorites. I love fine art photography, and love the look of IR (infrared) photography. These were the natural colors once I converted it into black-and-white, but it still looks like it is an infrared shot. Add the bird on the two (magically) parallel telephone wires… favorite. Taken with a 24mm TS-e on the Canon 7D.

Dark, after the sun has set, shallow depth of field, back-lit… I definitely love rim lights. Taken with the 100mm 2.8 and the Canon 7D.

Another shallow depth of field shot with a very simple subject (I usually prefer to only have one subject in my photographs), diagonal line going across the frame. Very simple and clean. Favorite. Taken with the 100mm 2.8 and the Canon 7D.

Definitely, definitely one of my favorite shots this session. One, butterflies are very hard to photograph. Two, I remembered to pop in a little light to fill in the shadows (with a 580 EX II). Three… I don’t know. It’s really just on some level of perfection to me. Taken with the 180mm 3.5 and the 7D.

I hope you enjoyed these shots. I just might have to include a “nature” portfolio onto my website, but I’m not sure yet; I definitely know I have to update it sometime soon!

mona - Love love love the shots 🙂

Nature story: Figueroa Mountain

For this assignment, we were supposed to research a magazine that accepted articles on nature, pick something we would like to shoot that would fit within what that magazine would publish, then go out and shoot. The final turn-in was to be 20 images in total. For mine, I picked to document Figueroa Mountain which is in the Los Padres National Forest. I shot on four separate days: once during the daytime, twice during the evening/sunset hours then a final time before the sun rose.

I hope these images helped you piece together a picture of this beautiful location.

I tried to let the pictures speak for themselves and not caption them… so if you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment or contact me otherwise!

Thanks for looking.

Kat - omg. This seriously makes me want to go there. ALL THOSE ANIMALS!!!!! You captured so many beauuutiful shots!! muhhhh I’m showing James and making him take me there >:P

Jamie Solorio - Just found your blog as I was searching for information on open shade in photography. I am so loving your photographs! Just thought I would tell you how beautiful they all are.