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Ice House Canyon Trail, Mt Baldy, San Bernardino National Forest, CA – iPhone 4

Hello, blog! Since I’ve taken a break from the wedding realm of 2011 and are well moved in to 2012, I’ve decided to delve into a new (yet not totally unfamiliar) world of nature photography. We planned out a trip: to Mt Baldy for a hike (Anza Borrego next time!), up Ice House Canyon Trail, and see what awaited us. About two hours into the drive, I realized I’d forgotten a lens… but thankfully had my trusty iPhone 4 available. Perfect little travel companion.

Anyway, I disgress. It was a prefect day to go hiking: great temperatures, beautiful sights, wonderful place to be… lack of oxygen, complaining muscles and all. Six hour round trip: four hours up, two hours down. Somewhere roughly around 6.2 miles round trip… with both views of spring (chipmunks, squirrels, various feathered friends) and winter (snow! in April!). We definitely plan on going hiking more and more this year, as a week-long backpacking trip up in Yosemite has been planned!


Headshot and portrait photography, Orange County photographer

Back again with one of my favorite subjects in our favorite dying/burnt field. Trying out different lighting, lower camera angles and different editing as well. The golden/sepia tone seems to lend itself well to the overall mood – plus, I really love Sting’s “Fields of Gold”.

I also decided to redo my business cards, so I updated my website and blog templates, colors and headers. My new business cards look very much like my new blog header! I’m excited for the change and am working towards bigger and better things, as always. I hope to bring you more frequent updates as I look into spending more time for my own creative projects.

I trust that you’re all doing well, and hope that you enjoy the holidays!

– Sarah

Published! Broughton Hospitality, Spring 2011 Issue.

Guess who was published?

(screenshot taken of the online PDF file)

Many, many thanks to Broughton Hospitality magazine, Grey Box Studios‘ Paul Gomez and Chase Brock. The photographs were taken during my time at Brooks Institute for the food photography course, taught by Bill Robbins.

Check out the article on local flavors, featuring Santa Barbara’s restaurant Julienne (pages 15-17): here’s the link to the online PDF version (click here). You can also look at larger size images on my website, in the “dinner” gallery.

Alex Goode headshots, Orange County photographer

Here are some of my favorite shots from Sunday’s quick photoshoot. Emmy asked me on Thursday – details came together – and there we were, three days later, with a rather impromptu head shot session. Natural lighting is my absolute favorite, as you will probably be able to tell from the photographs. I had a great time working with Emmy and Alex! Lots of joking around and laughing, it was a great way to relax from another week at work (and another wedding the day before on Saturday!). We’re planning on another shoot in the next few weeks – the details of which you won’t find out until after I post the pictures up! Shh, I have to have my secrets sometimes 🙂 anyway, enjoy and as always, feel free to let me know what you think!