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Devereux Slough, Goleta, CA

If you drive up the 101 freeway (from, say, Los Angeles) and exit Storke/Glen Annie… turn left off the exit and continue down.. all the way down.. past El Colegio.. and you’ll see this slough (a swamp) on your left, after the road gets narrow and windy.

It’s really quite a nice place.. if you go ALL the way down, there’s a parking lot and a beach. There’s no REAL parking (except for nearer to the beach), but it isn’t too bad. If you go when the tide is high, you can see lots of birds… but I’d definitely recommend bringing a ZOOM lens… I only had a 70-200mm lens with me and I was getting NOWHERE. Birds were still way too far out.

This place is definitely worth a revisit, in my book. Of course, with proper equipment.

I did manage to see a little bird in front of me… so I was able to take a fairly decent “detail” picture for the assignment. So cute and plump looking!

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